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Wooing Tree Development

Last week we announced a proposed zone change to our land that could allow for an attractive vineyard village-style development. We envisage Wooing Tree Estate to be a high-quality living space, with a mix of low- to high-density residential and light commercial, The new ‘light commercial’ zone would complement our existing Wooing Tree Vineyard cellar door and function centre, and could potentially include boutique, high-end accommodation, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, etc. Another idea could be hot pools/day spa. We believe that our concept will benefit Cromwell, by supporting residential growth and adding to the area’s wine and tourism industries.
Our award-winning wine label, cellar door and the famous Wooing Tree will remain – we have no intention of selling Wooing Tree Vineyard. Vines will remain and there will be a large amount of green public space to make this an attractive destination for locals and visitors alike.

Also if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us, we have a lot to think about whilst the plan change process happens, but it is very exciting for us and so far we have had very positive feedback from the locals.


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