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Wine Club FAQs

Wine Club FAQs


How does the Wine Club work?

The Wine Club gives you the convenience of receiving two half-yearly shipments of six or twelve bottles of award winning Wooing Tree wine with up to 15% discount straight to your door.


What discounts apply to the Wine Club purchases?

Each membership has access to a different level of discount. These discounts apply to Wine Club shipments and any additional wine purchases.

  • 6 bottles – 10% discount
  • 12 bottles – 15% discount


Does the Wine Club discount apply to wine purchased in addition to my half yearly shipments?

Yes, of course! You will enjoy the same discount on all additional wine bottle purchases made at our Cellar Door or online.


What does it cost to join the Wine Club?

Wooing Tree Wine Club membership is free! You simply have to commit to purchasing a minimum of six bottles of our wine every six months for the next year (April and October).


Can I join the Wine Club if I live overseas?

Yes – Please email wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz for a shipping quote.



What wine will be included in the Wine Club shipments?

We offer three different options so you can always get the wine you love!

  • Blondie Club: Includes two half-yearly shipments of Blondie allocated just for you so you do not miss out on our most popular wine!
  • Winemaker Selection Club: Includes two half-yearly shipments of a range of varietals carefully selected by our owner and winemaker!
  • Single Varietal Club: Includes two half-yearly shipments of a single varietal of your choice! When you have a favourite, what could be better?

Wine Club selection can be made online; to upgrade or change please email wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz.


When are the half yearly shipments made?

Wine Club shipments will be processed and dispatched within the first two weeks of the shipment months of April and October.


Can I upgrade or change my Wine Club membership?

Yes, you sure can! You can upgrade or change your Wine Club membership anytime two weeks prior to the shipment going out. Please email us wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz or update your membership online. As soon as you have confirmation of your upgrade the benefits are available straight away.


How much does each Wine Club shipment cost?

Prices for each Wine Club shipment vary depending on your Wine Club membership and discount. You will be notified of the cost one month prior to the shipment via email.


How much does shipping cost with the Wine Club?

If you have a twelve bottle membership, shipping is free! If you have a six bottle membership, shipping will be charged at $12.


How do I pay for my Wine Club shipments?

The cost of each Wine Club shipment, along with any shipping costs, will be charged to the credit card provided when joining the Wine Club. This charge will be made within the first two weeks of the Wine Club shipment month (April and October). You will be notified one month prior of the cost and given the opportunity to update any payment details.


What are the benefits of joining the Wine Club?

The Wooing Tree Wine Club not only sends your favourite wine straight to your door step twice a year, but members also receives early access to ticket sales for our summer events, private invitations to events held only for Wine Club members, VIP tastings and many more benefits. See our benefits page for more details.


How do I refer a friend?

Email us at wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz and let us know the full name of the friend who you have referred to receive your gift.


Can I cancel my Wine Club membership?

After one year your Wine Club membership can be cancelled with written notice via email to wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz.

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Any further questions please email wineclub@wooingtree.co.nz

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