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Food Menu

Food Menu

    • Platters

      Designed to share between two people and perfectly matched with all our wines

    • Breads & Spreads


      Locally grown olive oil with Wooing Tree Pinot Noir vinegar drizzle, house made dukkah, beetroot hummus with lightly toasted ciabatta bread

    • Antipasto Platter


      A selection of two gourmet cheeses, a selection of cured meats, antipasto mix featuring pickled onions and pickled red

      crab apple, green olives, sundried tomatoes and cornichons, locally made chutney, pesto, house made candied nuts and seasonal fruits, parmesan crackers, with lightly toasted ciabatta bread

    • Cheese Platter


      A selection of three gourmet cheeses, locally made chutney, figs soaked in Wooing Tree Rose, nuts and seasonal fruits with crackers

    • Platter Extras

      Bread - $5.00

      Bread (GF) - $5.00

      Crackers - $4.00

      Crackers (GF) - $4.00

      Cheese - $5.00

      Chutney - $4.00

      Antipasto mix - $12

      Pesto - $4.00

      Olive Oil - $4.00

      Dukkah - $5.00

      Hummus - $4.00

      Salami - $8.00

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